Anderson Silva

Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Marcelo Alonso

UFC 162 is finally here this Saturday. Fans have been waiting for this fight between current middleweight  champion Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman for some time now. A bunch of fans and fighters have joined the Weidman hype train and believe he will be the one to dethrone “The Spider.” Even if Silva’s loses this Saturday, I don’t see this hurting his legacy.

He has done way too much for the sport of mma and the UFC. No matter what happens, Silva will one day be in the UFC Hall-of-Fame as the best fighter the UFC has ever seen.

~ Here are the top 5 reason’s why a Silva loss won’t hurt his legacy ~

5.  Silva is 38 years old. The only thing that will ever beat Silva, is his age. Not taking anything away from Weidman. But if he beats Silva Saturday, I guarantee analyst’s will use Silva’s age as a way out. He has done and fought way too much for his age to not be considered in his career.

4. Silva has defended his UFC title a record 10 times. No one has ever done what Silva has done, especially with the title. If Weidman wins, it will just be referred to as the changing of the guard, not a Silva loss.

3. Silva has ran the middleweight division since 2006. Not only did Silva dominate Chris Leben in his UFC debut, but he received a title shot in his second fight and ran over Rich Franklin. Franklin at the time was considered to be the best middleweight of that era.

2. Silva is on a 16-fight win streak in the UFC (and is on a 17 fight win streak in mma). He hasn’t lost in forever, and during his run has beaten all competitors that have been thrown his way:  Rich Franklin, Nate Marquardt, Dan Henderson, Chael Sonnen, Demian Maia, Yushin Okami, Vitor Belfort, plus many more.

1. Silva is not only a future Hall-of-Famer, but no one will ever do what he has done. There was Muhammad Ali, Bart Starr, Michael Jordan and now, Anderson Silva. Some names will always be relevant, and Silva’s is one of them. Despite what happens this Saturday, there will only ever be one Anderson Silva.

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