Chael Sonnen. Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Dave Mandel

After the team challenge between Team Silva and Team Sonnen, Coach Wanderlei Silva once again has control of the fight picks. Silva decides for the next middleweight bout to choose the match up Team Silva’s Ricardo Abreu against Team Sonnen’s Guilherme Vasconcelos. Coach Chael Sonnen is a little puzzled because the match up seems to be a close one in terms of skill.

It is also notable in that both fighters are Brazilian jiu jitsu world champions and because of that the other skills will be a difference maker. The fighters then go back into training and it is noted that Sonnen is helping to coach the guys things they’d never learned before.

Following the fight picks, both teams once again meet with coaches Isabel Salgado and Hortencia Marcari along with the Octagon girl contestants. This time they meet by a lake in a throwback to season one competitions. Both teams have an hour to create a raft using provided materials and are then to race to a marker in the lake and circle around it.

The winning team gets a special dinner served by the loosing team. Team Silva wins the game discouraging Team Sonnen and pulling a prank of wrapping Hortencia in a yellow life vest.

After some training the Team Sonnen members prepare for their serving duties. The group has to dress up as first class servers and there are comments made that they it seems like they are dressing up for a wedding. They then proceed to prepare the food which is also very good quality.

At the end of the night they then serve Abreu a birthday cake who then has an emotional moment thinking about his family. Then having some fun Team Sonnen comes out stripping their fancy clothes off.

The fight then takes place and the first round is close but ultimately goes to Abreu who spent more time on top though it was a close round. Round two is very close as well but it does not go a third round as the judges score it for Abreu.

Abreu dedicates the win to his wife and son and proceeds to the second round. Vasconcelos has an emotional moment but is told that he has nothing to cry about and Sonnen laments that the match was so close. However, Sonnen notes that there are many on the team who are ready to rise to the opportunity.