Royce Gracie and Chael Sonnen. Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Marcelo Alonso

The second episode of the show opens with the preliminary round continuing on beginning with a heavyweight clash between Richardson Moreira and Alexandre Machado. It becomes apparent from why Moreira earned his fight name “Monster” as he goes after Machado with a furry. The match ends within the first thirty seconds as Moreira knocks out Machado.

Next is a middleweight bout between Guilherme de Vasconcelos and Markus Perez with Vasconcelos controlling the bout. The match ends almost as quickly as the heavyweight bout before with Vasconcelos able to find Perez’s neck and sink in a rear naked choke.

Then one of the larger profile matches takes place when Bellator vet Thiago Santos faces Marcos Rogerio. However, the match ends surprisingly when Rogerio is able to sink a guillotine choke against the much larger Santos. The next match ends in a rather sudden and sad manner. Ismael de Jesus faces Pedro Paulino and though initially the match is close, a sudden scramble results in a dislocated finger for Paulino. The ringside doctor is able to reset the finger but because the match was stopped it is called.

There are four remaining matches that are all exciting for the most part. Antonio Branjao is able to go into his match with Fernando Camoles and finish him with strikes in the second round. Then Warlley Alves goes into a match with Wendell Oliveira which goes the distance and results in a split decision for Alves. Next Marcio Junior who has the nickname Lyoto because of his karate fighting style, defeats Giuliano Arante by guillotine. The final match is Vitor Miranda defeats Bruno Silva by a head kick in the second round of an exciting bout.

With the preliminary fights over, the two coaching staffs line up and congratulate the winners for making it into the TUF house. However, before the picks can be made Wanderlei Silva demands that Chael Sonnen apologize for a comment he made at the UFC 148 press conference. When Sonnen refuses to apologize, Silva says that he will walk off the show then and there.

Once again Sonnen refuses to apologize and Silva walks into his team room until Sonnen chooses to apologize. After discussing the situation with his coaching staff, Sonnen has a one on one talk with Silva which doesn’t resolve anything and Silva proceeds to walk out.

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