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UFC 167 delivered an awesome card full of blood, aggression, upsets, and controversy. We can all expect a GSP/Hendricks rematch in the future, but what’s next for the rest of the winners and losers of UFC 167? Tim Elliot, Chael Sonnen, Josh Koscheck, and Rory MacDonald were all riding high before being derailed at UFC 167. What’s next for the winners and losers from last Saturday’s event?

It’s time to rise from the ashes with @mmawriter1.

Ali Bagautinov vs. Tim Elliot-Bagautinov by unanimous

Elliot struggled to get an offense going as he came out trying to fight a top striker with his hands at his waist. I’m still not sure what Elliot was trying to accomplish, but it was a bad game-plan. I thought Elliot was doing enough to win, but I was wrong. The flyweight division is so thin that both guys will still be stuck with tough competition in their next outing.

What’s next: Bagautinov should fight a tough well-rounded fighter. Ian McCall seems to be the best bet right now. Elliot has all the tools to put on a good fight and could end up with the loser of John Moraga vs. Darren Uyenoyama. Even a fight with Darrell Montague would make a great fight for the fans.

Tyron Woodley vs. Josh Koscheck– Woodley by knockout rd. 1

Koscheck looked in good shape at the weight-ins and looked to be ready for a war. Unfortunately so was Woodley, but instead he was looking for the early knock out and got it. I don’t see Koscheck hanging up the gloves just yet, but if he doesn’t start getting back to his winning ways, I could see this being the end for the TUF 1 alumni.

As for Woodley, he will never be a gatekeeper. He will always come to fight, but if he keeps throwing heavy early, his arms are going to fall off. His first round knock out power is nasty, but I don’t see him being a top contender.

What’s next: Woodley has heavy hands, KO power and great wrestling, but so does a guy named Hector Lombard. I see these two being paired up next and Lombard derailing the Woodley train. As I said, I don’t think Kos is done like some of you. I think he still has some gas left in the tank. Kos would match up well against guys like Jake Ellenberger, Martin Kampmann, Demian Maia, and even the Matt Brown/Carlos Condit loser.

Robbie Lawler vs. Rory MacDonald– Lawler by split decision

I bet Dana White was so happy after the outcome of this fight, not that Rory lost, but the fact that he was actually put into a fight. Rory is a killer in the gym, and he used to be before he got to the UFC. Lawler brought the fight to “Aries” and hopefully sparked something inside of MacDonald to get him back to his killer instinct.

MacDonald was 9-0 (all finishes) before he entered the UFC, and now just seems to be a safe fighter. There were three times in the fight where Rory was literally laying on Lawler just trying to caught his breath. Lawler seems to be reborn, and Rory needs to quit worrying about the Condit loss, cause now he has another one to come back from.

What’s next: Robbie has proved himself and needs a huge step up. The Condit/Brown winner makes sense, and so does a guy like Jake Shields. As for Rory, the loser of Condit/Brown makes sense, as does a fight with Demian Maia. And we need to remember that Thiago Alves is expected to return in 2014. What a better way to test Alves’ skills and see what he is still made of than putting him in there against MacDonald.

Rashad Evans vs. Chael Sonnen– Rashad by TKO Rd. 1

This fight made no sense for either parties, and both guys should be fighting at middleweight anyway. You could tell that Chael just wasn’t in it, and Evans looked ready for a war. Evans got the finish early and looked to be back mentally. Sonnen is still too concerned with W.Silva and he needs to get his head straight.

What’s next: It’s pretty simple. Evans needs to fight Daniel Cormier or Gustafsson. Evans wants another run at the title and he needs to get through the two guys that stand in his way. We all know what’s next for Sonnen. He is dropping back down to middleweight and coaching TUF Brazil opposite Wanderlei Silva. Both men will fight after the show. If Sonnen wins, then there is only guys like Jacare Souza and we all know how Sonnen does against submission experts.

GSP vs. Hendricks– GSP by split

Hendricks tested GSP and put him to the real test. Fans all over the world agree that Hendricks won this fight. If you go back and watch it on mute, you might have a different opinion, or maybe not. GSP was not able to get the fight to the ground as much as he wanted, but he did out strike Hendricks in almost every round (fight metric) even though their faces might have told the story differently.

GSP seems to be suffering from brain damage (alien talk, doesn’t remember the 2nd round etc.) and needs some time off. He has never been in a fight like that and deserves some time off. Hendricks’ hands were demolished after the fight and he claimed he didn’t hit GSP %100. Both guys need some time off. Then we need to do it again.

What’s next: Rematch

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