Forrest Griffin (white trunks) vs. Tito Ortiz. Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Dave Mandel

On January 13th I signed up for the free trial of the UFC Fight Pass to test it out. I have to admit that I was initially disappointed having gone off what was advertised in the trailer on the signup page. However after watching a recent interview with Dana White on Sherdog, I was reminded that this is still a work in progress.

Also the fact that it’s currently free means that there’s no false advertising when some of the features currently are not available. However, I still felt it would be a good thing to take a look at the features currently available as follows:

~ Exclusive live events with over 150 live bouts ~

The UFC is using this as their way of holding events in different time zones that are available for die hard MMA fans. This is also the only venue by which one may view the early prelimary fights.

It’s also the way by which people in different regions can watch stateside fight cards. Those same fight cards are subject to blackout restrictions in some regions. Also do the math and 150 matches in 2014 is a doable number.

~ Original Programming ~

This was advertised as the platform by which international versions of The Ultimate Fighter can be viewed. While versions of the show such as both seasons of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil and The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes are available for viewing, two advertised versions such as The Ultimate Fighter: Canada (no plans for such a series) and

The Ultimate Fighter: China are not available for viewing. However, The Ultimate Fighter: China is still being broadcast so that’s a possible reason. Also mentioned were interviews and other programs such as MMA Mindset, The Exchange with Megan Olivi, and UFC Now to name a few. It will be interesting to see other programs on UFC Fight Pass.

~ World’s Largest MMA Library ~

One of sections listed was the “Dark Ages” which at an initial glance is available as advertised. The same goes for the PRIDE and WEC fight libraries. However, at present there are no Strikeforce fights available whatsoever.

Also while both Affliction events are available, there are no WFA fights available either. One possible explanation is in Dana White’s interview he mentioned they’re editing some events.

As I said this is a work in progress and I will write a follow up after the end of the trial period. Leave your comments about UFC Fight Pass.