Vitor Belfort

Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Alan Oliveira

Vitor Belfort is on an unprecedented run this late in a fighter’s career, much less in a time in the MMA world where the new, younger athletes constantly replace the old.

“I think it was just this burning inside of me that said, ‘You didn’t accomplish what you [could have].’ I lacked so many things in my career. I [made] so many mistakes,” Belfort told Fox Sports after dispatching Rockhold last night (SHERDOG.COM).

To be fair, Belfort didn’t ‘roid rage’ on Luke Rockhold last night in the main event at UFC on FX 8 at Arena Jaragua in Jaragua do Sul, Brazil. He threw a beautifully timed spinning heal hook, landing it flush on the side of Rockhold’s head, where he followed the former undefeated Strikeforce champ to the ground until the referee waved him off to end the fight about half way through the first round.

KO highlight begins after 1:26 in the video below.

With Belfort finishing four top fighters in the middleweight division in his last five fights, it’s difficult to ignore the possibility that he could be on the verge of earning a rematch with longtime middleweight champ Anderson Silva.

Not only would Silva detest that fight, in my opinion, but so would many of his fans who are sick of watching Silva defend his belt against another TRT user.

“I was part of two jungles. I’m the T-Rex, surviving in this new jungle, so I’m rebuilding myself, and God has given me the strength. Just as I used to be strong then, I am strong now,” (Fox Sports interview, retrieved from SHERDOG.COM)

It might sound harsh, but if Belfort really believes God has given him the tools to revive his career and become stronger, then why take TRT in the first place? But he never comments on his TRT use.

We may all be renewing our various religious vows at this moment if the news hadn’t somehow slipped out to the media from UFC officials that Belfort had been on TRT for his fight with Michael Bisping, and had continued it’s use through training.

At the end of the day, all this TRT, TUE, and PED use is so damn shady. Fighters never admit to taking it, regulators barely understand their own rules involving it, and the public can’t decide if they want to believe it’s ok or completely unethical.

With a 50 grand KO of the night bonus, plus all the future pay day earnings from the extension of his legend, Belfort has no reason to stop taking steroids, and about a million reasons to keep on keeping on. Unfortunately in a spectator sport such as this one, others will watch and take after his example.

Let’s just hope fighters like Anderson Silva and Jon Jones can maintain control of the belts and not relinquish them to TRT users.

 “Dana [White] and Lorenzo [Fertitta] gave me the chance. I sat down with them, and I promised to give my best. I said I would finish as strong as I can. And I made a promise to my family and my spiritual father that I was going to finish strong. If I don’t have the desire to go to the gym — the desire to improve and [gain] new skills, then I should retire. I still have a lot of gas left in my tank. I thank God for giving me the strength (Fox Sports interview, retrieved from SHERDOG.COM).