TUF 19: Episode 11 – The Zombie

Not feeling that the Team Edgar schedule is sufficient for his training, Patrick Walsh decides to practice with Team Penn after securing approval from head coach Frankie Edgar. Once there he actually begins training with the coaching staff as well as the members of Team Penn. He believes that working with the various coaches can help him improve overall in his career. He gets various tips from Mark Coleman and BJ Penn about how he can improve his techniques. However upon learning of Walsh’s training regiment, his opponent and teammate Corey Anderson as well as other team members become concerned.

The next day there are some words at The Ultimate Fighter house between Walsh and Anderson then it continues before practice. Edgar comments that he understands where the rest of the team is coming from despite the fact that he approved Walsh’s practice. However, Walsh gets so emotional that he storms out of the team room and after some words with the coaches, Edgar orders that the team never bring up the issue again. Per previous orders, Walsh picks teammates Ian Stephens and Hector Urbina to corner him while Anderson picks Matt Van Buren and Eddie Gordon to corner him. Training continues.

Finally the fight comes and the first round goes more in favor to Anderson who gets a few take downs. The next round is relatively even as Walsh is able to keep the fight standing and even gets a few good shots in of his own. Round three goes more towards Anderson but is still relatively close. Overall the fight is close and but ultimately goes to Anderson who shows good sportsmanship towards Walsh despite their disagreement on the earlier issue. Edgar comments that it was difficult for him to remain silent while both fighters did their best on their own.

Edgar talks about his final two semifinalists coming up in the next episode whom he hopes can both win. The first at middleweight is Dhiego Lima against Team Penn’s Roger Zapata who is still an underdog. Second at light heavyweight is Van Buren versus Team Penn’s Daniel Spohn who on his feet is definitely a dangerous striker. Of note is the fact that outside of the preliminary fights there have been no knockouts during the season. That being said that particular bonus is still up for grabs in the last two semifinal bouts of TUF 19.