A unique season of The Ultimate Fighter has come and gone and there are certainly some good points to review.

Unique Format

The concept of a season winner earning a title shot or a divisional title itself is not new.

Season 8 of The Ultimate Fighter was centered around the winners of the welterweights and middleweights earning title shots in their respective divisions. One of the winners in fact won the title when Matt Serra upset Georges St.-Pierre in one of the most shocking upsets in UFC history.

A similar format was used in season 20 as well. However, the winner of the season which was composed entirely of women strawweights, actually won the UFC Women’s Strawweight Championship.

What was unique about this season though was that the “Tournament of Champions” title was very applicable. The cast was composed completely of flyweights who were champions in their respective promotions.

Coaches Tension

As usual there was a tension between the coaches on the show.

Joseph Benavidez had a rather upfront way of going about things and didn’t really care about his behavior but at the same time wasn’t too flagrant about his behavior.

On the other hand, Henry Cejudo took on a more professional approach to the relationship and wasn’t afraid to call out Benavidez on his unprofessional behavior. Benavidez believed that Cejudo was a fake and wasn’t afraid to call him out on that either.

Tension in the house

In addition to the normal tension between the coaches there was at times tension in the house.

Because of the variation in the fighters in terms of nationality, there was some cultural differences that clashed between some of the fighters in the house.

Then there was also the tension not only between the two teams but within teams as eventual winner Tim Elliot was blunt in his opinion of his fellow fighters and the results of the show.

Long Term Results

Everything having to do with this season of the show came to a conclusion at the season finale.

Winner Elliot did challenge Demetrious Johnson at the finale and due to his awkward style ended up giving Johnson one of the greatest challenges as champion.

The coaches fought at the finale and Benavidez won a split decision victory.

Contestant Matt Schnell fought on the show finale but lost to Rob Font on the Fox Sports 1 preliminary fights.

Fellow contestant Brandon Moreno also fought on the finale and won against Ryan Benoit.