One of the biggest stops on the Road to WrestleMania will be this Monday Night on Raw as they stop in Chicago. Brock Lesnar will be there to confront The Undertaker. Will this help? What about the arrival of Aaron Paul? I don’t think the CM Punk‘less crowd is going to forget about their hometown hero just because you brought in a sub-par actor. Injury aside, the hostile crowd doesn’t care if John Cena shows up or not.

You can pretty much guarantee that CM Punk will not make his return in his hometown, but rumors say that he’ll be there to possibly talk to Owner Vince McMahon. If Triple H has his way, Punk would be gone. But we all see how power hungry Triple can be. I’m glad Vince knows how to still run his business.

How bad will the hostile crowd in Chi-town really be? There has already been talk about a Raw takeover. The hashtag #hijackraw is already trending nation wide. The crowd wants to see their hero or at least have him acknowledged at this Monday’s Raw. CM Punk wants to be a part of this year’s edition of WrestleMania just as bad as the WWE wants him there. I just don’t see this happening.

Punk has already been confirmed and taking off events like WrestleMania axxess weekend and this years Comic-con. This doesn’t look good for CM Punk fans. It looks as if Punk’s return won’t be anytime soon. Either way, you can bet the fans this Monday won’t care.

I would really hate to see top competitors like Cesaro and Big E get booed just because of Punk. The fans love their hometown hero and you can bet they will let their voices be heard. You can also bet that certain fan’s signs will be confiscated before they go live. Certain Ronda Rousey signs and Punk signs were taken last Monday. I see this Monday being worse.

Chicago fans have always supported CM Punk whether he is heel or face. You can bring The Undertaker, John Cena, The Wyatt familyThe Shield and Brock Lesnar, but this won’t do much for fans that just want to see “The Best in The World.” Paul Heyman, a close friend to Punk, is also the manager of Brock Lesnar. You can bet he knows that his big client isn’t going to save this episode of Raw. It will be a CM PUNK show whether the WWE wants it or not.

How does Triple H, Vince McMahon and the creative team save Raw from being a night of chaos? First, they need to address the CM Punk thing. As much as they don’t want to discuss actual behind the scene politics, it would be in their best interest in my opinion. Second, they need to stray away from “boring”/slow matches. This means, no Fandango/Santino repetitiveness. Also, they need to cut a lot of the promo/mic time. This means, no Batista. His mic work will only piss off the fans even more. They still look at him as the main reason for Punk leaving. All this does is give the fans more time to revolt.

Triple H is very mad that Punk “took his ball and went home.” So, don’t be surprised if Triple H actually does everything I said not to do. All he is doing is replaying the ’90’s version of his father-in-law. Vince has played this card to death. Triple H is not as clever as he thinks. A great wrestler he used to be, but a great creator, he is not. Don’t be surprised if Triple just tries to throw more fuel on the fire.

Who will win on Monday, the company or CM Punk fans? Do they actually riot? Will they actually #hijackraw? Tune in Monday to find out.

Ben McPhee (@mmawriter1 Twitter)