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Are MMA athletes being CM Punked?

It’s not often I agree with any of the Diaz brothers but I fully support Nate’s opinion on the UFC’s decision to sign former WWE star CM Punk.  In an interview with Ariel Helwani ahead of his recent fight with Rafael Dos Anjos Nate was very passionate in his response about the fact the UFC are basically giving an amateur fighter a chance to compete in the world’s premier MMA

Veterans Day 2014 special: Top 10 Military Vets of the Past Year

It is Veteran’s Day and today we honor those who have served our country in order to defend it. Last year I honored our vets with a list of the Top 10 Military Veterans in MMA and I would like to honor our veterans again this year. This time as with some of the lists I am listing the top 10 veterans of the past year. The criteria will be any

Summer Special: Top 10 Heaviest Fighters in MMA

Something that the summer does to people is make them bigger. They eat at family gatherings, barbecues, and eating at various social gatherings. They gain some weight and have to work it off. While the desired body for a MMA fighter is athletic, there have been large people who have participated in the sport. For that reason we will be looking at the top 10 heaviest fighters in MMA. Because

My Top 10 Lists of 2013

This was meant to be done shortly after the Best of 2013 series but delays pushed it back until now. Also in a MMA Freak first this list was made by votes from the MMA Forum website. This will probably be the first but not last of these lists. So with that here we go with the lists: 10. Top 10 scariest fighters in MMA This list was meant to

Spoiler alert: 3/28/14 Friday Night Smackdown results

Thanks again to J. Sutton for the results for this week of Friday Night Smackdown. It’s getting close to WrestleMania, and the road there has been a bumpy one. From The Real Americans and The Shield‘s potential break-ups, to Triple H making the main event a triple threat either way. Two weeks ago on Raw we saw Triple H dismantle Daniel Bryan. Bryan suffered a real shoulder injury. He was not on this past week’s edition of