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The Ultimate Fighter 20: episode 1 in review

The episode opens up with several introductions to the various fighters competing in the show which are also spread throughout the episode at appropriate times. UFC President Dana White talks about how for season 20 the UFC acquired eight contracts from Invicta FC and held tryouts for the remaining eight slots going into the house. It is at this time that there are several introductions to tryout members. Finally the woman are brought

The Ultimate Fighter: A Champion Will Be Crowned preview

The Ultimate Fighter is making history this season when sixteen women duke it out for the inaugural UFC Women’s Strawweight Championship. This is unique for a few different reasons, the first being that it will be the first time a champion is crowned and the second being the fact it’s all women. It is certainly a season to look forward to when it airs later tonight. There has been a

Reviewing The Ultimate Fighter: Team Edgar vs. Team Penn

Another season of The Ultimate Fighter is now over and we can go over what may have been the worst season of the reality series in depth: Quality of the fights The preliminary fights actually led to high expectations for the season as there were several good fights ending in finishes. However, once in the house, it seemed like the fighters basically embraced caution as their middle name. All but

The Ultimate Fighter 19: episode 12 in review

TUF 19: Episode 12 – The Big Show Other than some of the initial training, the show got right into the last middleweight semifinal. In the fight Team Edgar’s Dhiego Lima starts out with two kicks to Team Penn member Roger Zapata‘s leg. However, Zapata is able to come back with a punch that puts Lima down and Zapata follows for ground and pound. Lima though recovers quickly and is able to secure

The Ultimate Fighter 19: episode 11 in review

TUF 19: Episode 11 – The Zombie Not feeling that the Team Edgar schedule is sufficient for his training, Patrick Walsh decides to practice with Team Penn after securing approval from head coach Frankie Edgar. Once there he actually begins training with the coaching staff as well as the members of Team Penn. He believes that working with the various coaches can help him improve overall in his career. He gets various tips from Mark

My Top 10 Lists of 2013

This was meant to be done shortly after the Best of 2013 series but delays pushed it back until now. Also in a MMA Freak first this list was made by votes from the MMA Forum website. This will probably be the first but not last of these lists. So with that here we go with the lists: 10. Top 10 scariest fighters in MMA This list was meant to

The Ultimate Fighter 19: episode 10 in review

TUF 19: Episode 10 – One Fight Away Following their lackluster fight, Matt Van Buren and Chris Fields have some easy words about their match. Later in the evening Fields, Hector Urbina, and Tim Williams begin drinking because of the fact that they are out of the competition and have no real commitments. At one point Urbina is caught cuddling with Cathal Pendred who has a match in the next few days. Fields and Urbina have some words but later

The Ultimate Fighter 19: episode 9 in review

TUF 19: Episode 9 – Get That Money After some discussion about the last quarterfinal, both teams go to the local Harley Davidson dealer. All of the semifinalists are taken there to choose their customized Harley Davidson gear and motorcycle. While there The Ultimate Fighter season 15 winner Michael Chiesa stops by and gives some words of advice to the various fighters. Overall it is a good day to get the

Father’s Day Special: Top 10 Fathers in MMA

Today is the day that we honor those whom we give the distinction “Father”. To honor the occasion I’ve put together this list of MMA fathers: 10. Lyoto Machida Lyoto Machida has proven to be an exceptional fighter in his years in the sport. To top it off he has also proven to be a good father as well. Machida is married to his wife Fabyola with whom he has children

Reviewing TUF Brazil 3, Wanderlei Silva’s antics, and Chael Sonnen’s drug drama

It’s amazing how much drama has come to light that is related to the third season of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil. Anyways let’s take a look: The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3 in review The season overall had some good prospects and some good matches that could be considered fight of the year regardless of their exhibition status. However, we also had some drama as coaches Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen were constantly at each