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The Ultimate Fighter 19: episode 8 in review

With The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3 ended we will be going back to reviewing one episode a week. So with that here we go with the review: TUF 19: Episode 8 – Someone’s Getting Bullied When Team Penn gets home, Mike King complains about the fact that Team Edgar leaves all their used dishes around dirty. Once Team Edgar gets home, King’s future opponent Eddie Gordon instead leaves a reply note. During training King

Reviewing TUF 19: episode 7 & TUF Brazil 3: episode 12

TUF: Brazil 3 – Episode 12 In the final semifinal of the middleweight division, Marcio Junior of Team Sonnen faces off against Team Silva’s Ricardo Abreu. The first round goes to Abreu but the second and third rounds go to Junior who ultimately walks away with a split decision. Then in the final semifinal of the heavyweight division, Team Sonnen’s Vitor Miranda takes on Team Silva’s Richardson Moreira. During the first round Miranda dominates the action and then is

Reviewing TUF 19: episode 6 & TUF Brazil 3: episode 11

TUF: Brazil 3 – Episode 11 The episode opens with the selection of the Octagon girl finalist selections and at the weigh ins Bruce Buffer appears. He announces that the finalists in both weight classes will get a trip to Las Vegas and will get to watch a UFC event live. Then in the first semi final, Team Sonnen’s Warlley Alves faces off against Team Silva’s Wagner Gomes. The match ends in the first minute when

Dana White doesn’t speak for everyone

  For every drip of octagon sweat perspiration, blood particle dripped and bone snap, crackled and popped, there is a constant monitoring, governing body that sees it all. UFC President Dana White serves as not only as the head mouthpiece (no pun intended) of the fight circle but also as the judge, jury and pretend executioner of what transpired that night. With his bald head glistening under the bright lights

The UFC Octagon is a symbol of accepting the winner and loser in all of us

I say the Octagon and not the cage because it all started with the UFC and it will end with the UFC. It doesn’t matter the lies we tell ourselves, because our love affair with the sport lives and dies with the premier organization in the world. Bellator is irrelevant. World Series of Fighting is irrelevant. Point of fact it is a similar set of polarized emotional plot points that

BREAKING NEWS: Ronda Rousey vs. Gina Carano set for UFC 175 … Or is it?

In a surprising twist of events, a recent announcement was made regarding the rumors of the Ronda Rousey versus Gina Carano fight. The rumors were swirling particularly around the beginning of March when Joe Rogan made a comment about Ronda Rousey’s next opponent. From the way the announcement sounded, it hinted that her opponent would be a high profile woman. The top three names thrown around in the rumor merry

GSP retired and so should Dana White if steroid use in the UFC isn’t outlawed

The problem with steroids transcends all the back and forth, all the ‘he said she said nonsense’ and cuts right to the heart of the sport of mixed martial arts, whether we like it or not. When GSP stepped away from the sport after barely keeping his belt in a split decision victory over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 last November, no one expected he would return to the spot

UFC 165 Jones vs. Gustaffson in review: Enter the birth of a bitter rivalry

Though Jon Jones defended his title for the sixth consecutive time last night against Alexander Gustaffson at UFC 165, it wasn’t what he really should be happy about. Sure he broke UFC records, but let’s consider the gorilla in the room for a moment. Jones has been breaking records since his cataclysmic rise in the sport of MMA began a few short years ago, ad nauseam. He now holds Tito

UFC 156: Backstage with Dana White and company

Here’s another fun video blog by Dana White and his UFC crew. From Dana’s face turning back and forth between Silva and Overeem as they talk shit to each other, to Nick the Tooth ruining a live broadcast for the TUF show, this video blog is highly entertaining. Also included are highlights from the weigh-ins. Honestly, I’ve never seen a more intense set of stare downs on a mixed martial

Dana White happy to be done doing business with Randy Couture

One time face of the UFC, Randy Couture, and UFC president Dana White have always seemed to be great friends and business partners. Well, the friends part might be somewhat accurate, but the business part is the furthest from the truth. UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture has signed into a multi-year deal with Spike TV earlier this week. The deal consists of Randy being a property of Viacom, to