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Dana White discusses his crush on Ronda Rousey and more

Dana White shook everything up with all the breaking news he shared on Thursday at the UFC on FOX pre-fight press conference. Clearly Dana  is jesting when he admits he has a crush on Ronda Rousey. He proved this point even more when he went on to say he has a crush on Rousey in the same way he has a crush on the Diaz brothers and Anderson Silva as

Dana White: Nick Diaz is next for Georges St Pierre

“He doesn’t ask for things much,” Dana said at the UFC on FOX pre-fight presser on Thursday. “So if he wants to fight Nick Diaz, and Diaz wants to fight him, then that’s the fight we’ll make.” This fight will be controversial when it is written in stone for completely different reasons than when it was booked before GSP became injured and Condit won the interim belt in a controversial

Women will be in the UFC, Deal with it!

New York City- a place where eight million people of different races, creed and orientations share a city only 300 sq. miles large.  I grew up there and because of that, I’m proud to say that I’m a bit of a social liberalist. I believe that our views change throughout history because we grow as a society.  We have to accept those changes or else become relics of our own

Dana White and Chael Sonnen answer tough questions on OTL

Both video’s below involve the host of OTL Michael Landsberg directing difficult questions at Dana White and Chael Sonnen. First, watch him grill Dana White about 2012’s sub par numbers compared to previous years. He also asks Dana about his uncensored thoughts on Steven Seagal. Dana even gives better than he takes in this interview which is rare for anyone who makes an appearance on OTL opposite of the abrasive

Dana White on GSP vs Anderson Silva: “I’ll make this fight”

Well according to what Dana White said in the interview in the video below, around one week from now he will be sitting down with the Fertida‘s, GSP, and Anderson Silva to try set a date for the two greatest MMA fighters of all time to meet in the cage. There will be a lot of hurdles they will have to jump of course, but as long as Anderson Silva

The UFC in 2013: Who can challenge Anderson Silva and will it be Michael Bisping or Chris Weidman?

The middle weight division has been known for the last couple of years as a train station filled with top contenders. Every day more arrive, and as quickly as Anderson Silva (33-4) checks their tickets, they leave and never come back. That has been the long and short of it since Silva put the middle weight division on hold in 2006. Take a snap shot of his weight class today

The weekend MMA news recap: 11/12 Edition

It was another great weekend of mma action/news, so let’s get everyone caught up and up to speed with another edition of the MMA Weekend Recap. UFC On Fuel TV 6 Results: Main Event: Cung Lee shocks the world and knocks out Rich Franklin in the first round. Knock out of the Night Co-Main Event Thiago Silva def. Stanislav Nedkov Submission (arm-triangle choke) 3rd round. Submission of the Night Paulo Thiago vs. Dong Hyun Kim– unanimous decision, Dong

Dana White on Anderson Silva and the state of the UFC

Dana White has been faced with a barrage of questions lately about some of the most controversial decisions made by his company in the past couple months and rightfully so. I think the UFC needs to think harder about giving people fights that haven’t earned it. Chael Sonnen shouldn’t be fighting Jon Jones and Stephan Bonnar had no right to be fighting Anderson Silva. Of course Bonnar was aware of this fact

Is Ronda Rousey Our Modern Day Jackie Robinson?

On April 15th 1947, Jack Roosevelt “Jackie” Robinson was called up from the minors to become the second baseman for the Brooklyn Dodgers.  In doing so, he  became Major League Baseball’s first African-American player and  broke the long standing color barrier in American team sports. A few days ago, the UFC announced that Ronda Jean Rousey will join their ranks in 2013.  She will officially become America’s first female mixed

Dana White on Women Fighting in the UFC, “It’s absolutely going to happen”

The subject of women in mixed martial arts may be an old hat, yet in the last couple years the discussion has shifted to the conversation of women joining the UFC. Until lately, UFC President Dana White has said there simply aren’t enough women currently competing at the upper levels of the sport to create a weight class within his promotion. “There’s finally money to be made,” said Dana to