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Top 10 MMA Flyweights: January 2016

Please note the rankings are voted on by a panel of MMA Freak writers. Also previous rankings are in parenthesis: Top 10 MMA Flyweights (12/11/15) 1) Demetrious Johnson (1) There’s still no confirmation as to whom Demetrious Johnson will face next but Henry Cejudo is likely next. This may very well be the greatest challenge of Johnson’s career considering Cejudo’s Olympic Gold Medal status. 2) John Dodson (2) John Dodson is now stuck in that

Top 10 MMA flyweights: July 2015

Due to inactivity, Ali Bagautinov is currently ineligible for the rankings. Also previous rankings are in parenthesis: 1) Demetrious Johnson (1) Demetrious Johnson will be facing John Dodson in a rematch on September 5th at UFC 191 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This will be the labor day event for the UFC and should draw quite a crowd but may not be all that exciting. 2) Joseph Benavidez (2) On a three fight winning streak, Joseph Benavidez will

Top 10 MMA flyweights: June 2015

Note due to suspension Ali Bagautinov is ineligible for the rankings. Also the previous ranks are in parenthesis: 1) Demetrious Johnson (1) Demetrious Johnson made history in his last outing against Kyoji Horiguchi with a last minute submission. His UFC 186 defense has again set a record in the flyweight division at six defenses, with four being finishes. 2) Joseph Benavidez (2) At UFC 187 on May 23rd, Joseph Benavidez won his third fight in a row

Top 10 UFC Fighters From The WEC…Plus More

Alright fans, this is what you all have been waiting for. I have always been a huge mma fan and am a big admirer of almost all of the mma organizations in the world. I am one of the biggest WEC (World of Extreme Cage Fighting) fans as well, and still miss it now a days even though half of the fighters are fighting for the UFC. A lot of

Ben McPhee’s Top 10 Flyweights

Alright, it’s time for my last list of rankings for the lighter weight classes. Today we discuss the flyweights. A lot of true mma fans have been following these fighters and this weight-class for some time, even though it has only been in the UFC for a short time. On February 3, 2009, World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) announced they would be adding a flyweight division set at 125 lb, however

MMAWriter1: UFC 152 Post Fight Thoughts

I am back everybody and I have returned a married man. Our wedding was wonderful and now it’s back to work. After being able to sit down and watch UFC 152, I of course have a lot of thoughts on the PPV. Belfort’s lack of killer instinct loss him the fight Jon Jones proved he is the best overall mma fighter in the UFC and has proved to me that

UFC 152 Preview: Two championships on the line

Not much hype is welcoming this fight card in to its Saturday night debut at the Air Canada Center in Toronto, Canada. Most of the talk leading up to this event has been about its predecessor, the infamous UFC 151 cancelation, of which has been beaten to death in the media since Dana White broke the sad news a couple weeks ago. So let’s move on and talk fights. After

UFC 152 weigh-ins scheduled for September 21st

The weigh-ins for the next UFC PPV event, UFC 152, are scheduled for Sept. 21 for 4 p.m. ET (1 p.m. PT), though a venue hasn’t been determined. UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones and challenger Vitor Belfort will meet in the UFC 152′s headliner the following day at the city’s Air Canada Centre. The main event is very highly anticipated after the cancellation of UFC 151. Also part of the