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2016 Olympic Special: Top 10 Olympic Wrestlers to Compete in MMA

The 31st Olympiad has been underway in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the past eight days and today the wrestling tournament begins. Being as old as the Olympic games themselves as well as MMA (in the form of Pankration) it would be appropriate for a list about the Olympics to be compiled in an Olympic year. This Summer Olympic Top 10 is about the Top 10 Olympic Wrestling Medalists to

Godzilla 60th Anniversary Special: Top 10 MMA Like Moments in Godzilla Movies

Godzilla has returned to the movie theaters for the first time in tens years. It also happens to be the monster’s 60th anniversary. For the occasion I thought I would make a list of MMA like moments that have happened in Godzilla films. The outlines of the list include that the movie has to actually have MMA like action within the movie. Because of that the following movies will be