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Around the world of MMA: July 5-10

The past few weeks have been pretty quiet when it comes to MMA but this week is going to be a very busy one: Previews UFC International Fight Week 2016 The third year that International Fight Week has taken place from July 5-10 with various events taking place throughout the week from the IMMAF World Championships to the UFC Fan Expo to various tournaments. The week will wrap up with the UFC

The Ultimate Fighter 23: Episodes 8 & 9 Recaps

Episode 8 At first Cory Hendricks starts to have issues with his shoulder and arm overall and decides to take it easy over the next few days. However, things get bad when he can’t even move or sleep properly due to the pain. He is visited by a professional acupuncturist who gives him acupuncture, cupping therapy and gua sha which all help. Unfortunately the pain comes back to a degree that Cory

The Ultimate Fighter 23: Episode 7 Recap

Coach Joanna Jedrzejczyk feels the need to tell Jamie Moyle during the fight announcements that this will be an easy match out of desperation. Claudia Gadelha however makes the comment afterwards to Amanda Cooper that there is no such things as an easy match and Amanda even makes that comment that it’s an oxi-moron. The next day Joanna brings former UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw for training and Jamie finds the experience educational. Later on at The Ultimate Fighter house, Khalil

The Ultimate Fighter 23: Episode 6 Recap

The episode opens up with Abdel Medjedoub continuing to deal with the drama between himself and his wife and Dana White brings him into his office. White offers Abdel a phone call to his wife and insists that Abdel return home, leaving Abdel in a predicament. Coach Claudia Gadelha walks in and consoles him. Dana offers to fly Abdel home and gives him four days to resolve his issues with his wife. Those in the house

Top 10 Women’s P4P Fighters: June 2016

The rankings to be determined by voting mmaforum.com members. Also due to inactivity Cat Zingano is ineligible: Top 10 Women’s P4P Fighters (4/12/16) 1) Joanna Jedrzejczyk (2) Joanna Jedrzejczyk is training for her July 8th title defense while broadcasting for The Ultimate Fighter 23 continues. She will fight fellow TUF coach Claudia Gadelha at the season finale as part of UFC Fight Week. 2) Miesha Tate (4) Scheduled for the historic UFC 200, Miesha Tate is set to defend

The Ultimate Fighter 23: Episode 5 Recap

During training, Helen Harper talks about how she initially got into MMA because of an abusive relationship and ultimately how she left him because of the confidence she gained from the training. Lanchana Green then talks about how she grew up with an English father and a Thai mother and how that is also the basis for her Muay Thai though she would normally stay away from home because of her mother’s personality.

The Ultimate Fighter 23: Episode 4 Recap

The first Team Joanna training session following the second team loss, Joanna Jedrzejczyk has the team work on sprawls. However, she later gets frustrated at them and goes on a rant talking about her training for a Muay Thai Championship and how she felt they were “training like pussies”. When the team gets back to the house they do a huddle and team chant to which Myron Dennis’ opponent Andrew Sanchez believes they

The Ultimate Fighter 23: Episode 3 Recap

Before the fight Claudia Gadelha talks about how she has confidence that Tatiana Suarez will win her first round match whereas Joanna Jedrzejczyk talks about how she has the same confidence in JJ Aldrich.  In her first training session back from being sick, Helen Harper hurts her elbow when she submits too late to an arm bar from Ashley Yoder. Joanna tries to encourage her to fight through it while Helen feels frustrated that she isn’t getting anything right. Back at

The Ultimate Fighter 23: Episode 2 Recap

All of the fighters get into the house and start to settle in while trying to get the living arrangements settled out. The only major issue at first is that fighter Abdel Medjedoub is stuck with the last bed in the women’s room and has reservations because of it. This stems mainly because of the fact that he is Muslim and also is married. Ultimately he switches beds with Cory Hendricks. Next day