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MMA Freak Hall of Fame: Class of 2016

Today is the kickoff of the 5th Annual MMA Freak Awards. This year MMA Freak is collaborating with Fanboy Nation to announce the MMA Freak Hall of Fame Class of 2016. The guidelines for the Hall of Fame are listed as below: “The Hall of Fame classes are decided by an open ballot which all writers for the site are eligible to cast. Each writer has the power to vote

Obituary: Passing of Kevin “The Monster” Randleman

On February 11th the MMA community was informed that Kevin Randleman passed away due to pneumonia related heart failure at the age of 44. Randleman was born on August 10, 1971 and raised in Sandusky, Ohio. After wrestling in high school he joined the Ohio State University Buckeyes where he became a three time NCAA Division I wrestling finalist, winning the tournament twice. Following his wrestling career, Randleman was recruited by Mark Coleman (one

The Transition from wrestling to MMA

It was a packed arena as he walked up to the cage. The referee looked him over making sure there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary or illegal that could be used against his opponent. Once he was clear the cut man put Vaseline on his face to make sure his cheek bone didn’t break. Finally he walked into the cage ready to face his opponent. Fifteen minutes later and

MMA Freak Hall of Fame: Class of 2015

The 4th Annual MMA Freak Awards officially kicked off with the podcast in which the MMA Freak Hall of Fame Class of 2015 was announced. They will now be put onto paper for those who don’t have the time to watch the hour long podcast. For the sake of procedure, the guile lines on how the MMA Freak Awards are voted on is listed below: “The Hall of Fame classes

Best of 2014 Series: MMA Freak Hall of Fame, Class of 2014

The end of 2014 approaches and it’s once again time to start the MMA Freak Best of 2014 Awards. As is the tradition, the first award category will be the MMA Freak Hall of Fame, Class of 2014. This is MMA Freak’s equivalent of the lifetime achievement award for those involved in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Whether it be a fighter, a coach, an executive, a sanctioning individual,