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Dana White: Looking for a Fight – Season 2 ep. 4

On this episode because of the fact that Din Thomas is busy, replacing him is one of Matt Serra‘s proteges and his fellow New Yorker Gian Villante. As a running joke throughout the episode is that at one point Villante pranked Dana White in the past event and as a result, Dana constantly invades Villante’s room at the early hours of the morning to scare him. At first the pranks don’t work, however the last time

Dana White: Looking for a Fight – Season 2 ep. 3

The trio of Dana White, Matt Serra and Din Thomas traveled to San Diego, California. Due to Dana’s Meniere’s disease he isn’t able to participate in the first activity of learning how to do tricks on the trapeze. Serra has some issues with the instructor who is upfront and precise. When the two actually start performing on the trapeze, Din’s leg gets caught in the trapeze wire and as a result he

Dana White: Looking for a Fight – Season 2 ep. 2 Review

This episode the trio of Dana White, Matt Serra and Din Thomas travel to Sturgis, South Dakota for the annual Bike Week festival. Dana passes his bike tests whereas Din fails and Matt never tries, preferring the side car which he makes look stylish. The trio rides to Mount Rushmore where no good footage was taken due to filming rules in the National Parks. After they return to Sturgis, Din attempts to talk to

The Ultimate Fighter 24 in Review

A unique season of The Ultimate Fighter has come and gone and there are certainly some good points to review. Unique Format The concept of a season winner earning a title shot or a divisional title itself is not new. Season 8 of The Ultimate Fighter was centered around the winners of the welterweights and middleweights earning title shots in their respective divisions. One of the winners in fact won the title when Matt Serra upset Georges

Dana White: Looking for a Fight – Season 2 ep. 1 Review

Dana White, Matt Serra and Din Thomas all fly to Bangor, Maine where Dana has a property where he keeps all of his ‘toys’. On the way up, Dana takes a nap and as retribution for the numerous times that Dana woke up Serra while taking napes, Matt and Din wake him up on the plane ride up. Dana talks about how he grew up in Boston, Massachusetts but spent many summers in