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MMA Freak 2010s Decade Awards

The 2010s was an eventful decade and there was a lot that took place. Just like MMA Freak releases bestow for every year, we here at MMA Freak have decided to bestow awards for the past decade as well. Just like the 2019 MMA Freak Awards, the categories were voted on by both the staff here at MMA Freak and by you the fans. That being said here are the

Around the world of MMA: June 1-3

There was a few good fight night events that took place over the weekend and things are going to ramp up this week: Reviews One Championship: Dynasty of Heroes One Championships hosted an event at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Kallang, Singapore on May 26 on IPPV: Women’s Atomweight Angela Lee (c) def. Istela Nunes Submission (anaconda choke) 2 2:18 Welterweight Ben Askren (c) def. Agilan Thangalapani Submission (arm triangle

Dana White: Looking for a Fight – Season 2 ep. 1 Review

Dana White, Matt Serra and Din Thomas all fly to Bangor, Maine where Dana has a property where he keeps all of his ‘toys’. On the way up, Dana takes a nap and as retribution for the numerous times that Dana woke up Serra while taking napes, Matt and Din wake him up on the plane ride up. Dana talks about how he grew up in Boston, Massachusetts but spent many summers in

Dana White: Looking for a Fight – Episodes 6 & 7

Episode 6 The day before the fights the trio of Dana White, Matt Serra and Nick the Tooth all go camping in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Despite the fact that Dana is the one who arranged the whole experience, he admits that he’s not the biggest fan of camping and Matt has said that he hasn’t gone camping in a while as well. Dana becomes even more apprehensive of the situation when their survivalist

MMA Freakcast #16

Matthew and Edson talk about UFC Fight Night: Hendricks vs. Thompson, Dana White: Looking for a Fight and weight regulations. Of note is that

Dana White: Looking for a Fight – Episode 2 (review)

Episode two opens with Dana White and Nick “The Tooth” meeting up with Matt Serra in Las Vegas before the three fly to Alaska. On the flight over, Serra and Nick have words after Serra watched the pilot episode and had words with Nick about his claim he and Serra have grappling to settle. Serra proceeds to grapple Nick and submit Nick on the bed and in table room on the flight. Upon arrival it is

Dana White: Looking for a Fight – Episode 1 (review)

In episode 1 after the pilot for the series, Dana White, Matt Serra and Nick “The Tooth” first arrive in Philadelphia. On the ride to their first destination, Serra has to go to the bathroom and can’t wait so he resorts to urinating in a Starbucks cup which disgusts White and Nick. They arrive at a restaurant called Geno’s where (after Serra throws away the urine filled cup) the trio starts cooking Philly Cheesestreak

Dana White: Looking for a Fight – Pilot (review)

Late last year Dana White announced that he would be releasing a series called Looking for a Fight in which he would be traveling around the country to find hidden rising talent. The pilot was released on September 29th. Pilot During the introduction, White talks about how when he first bought the UFC, he himself traveled the country to look for the top talent to invite to the UFC. He hasn’t done such scouting

Around the world of MMA: May 7-10

So it was a slow weekend except for boxing but things are going to start picking up again this week. Here we go: Tachi Palace Fights 23 The promotion hosts an event in Lemoore, California at the Tachi Palace Casino on Thursday, May 7th on Sherdog: Max Griffin vs Chidi ‘Chidi Bang Bang’ Njokuani Manuel ‘El Toro’ Quezada vs Mike ‘Mickey’ Morales Rolando ‘Machine’ Velasco vs Jared ‘Jackhammer’ Papazian John

Around the world of MMA: July 11-13

So we have another off week with literally no major American MMA promotions fighting but there is still some local and international shows: ONE Fighting Championship: War of Dragons One FC is making history by hosting its’ first event on the island of Taiwan in the capital of Taipai at the NTU Sports Center on July 11: Featherweight Eric Kelly vs. Rob Lisita Lightweight Koji Ando vs. Rafael Nunes Light