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Fighters Rendezvous: Post UFC 154 Main Card Edition

UFC 154, which took place this past Saturday, was a historic event that featured the return of Georges St. Pierre, the long reigning UFC Welterweight Champion. The Main Event featured St. Pierre, who had been out for 19 months; successfully defending his title against Carlos Condit in a fight of the night performance. The fight was the usual dominating performance on the score cards for GSP, as he won a unanimous

MMA Weekend Recap: 11/19 Extreme Edition

Alright MMA Fans, it’s that time again to get your coffee ready or grab your Hungry man TV dinner out of the microwave and get caught up on all the MMA news you might have missed this past weekend. It was a great weekend of fights and we witnessed the long-awaited return of UFC welterweight champion GSP, and then witness him say he needed a vacation. Vacation? Really? You haven’t fought in

UFC 154 Post Press: Dana White talks GSP vs. Anderson Silva, Ronda Rousey vs. Cris “Cyborg,” and much more

Dana White is known for breaking news through candid conversation with the media after fight cards. These days there are more than enough headlines to keep Dana stuck in a media huddle for hours. In this case he answers questions about the state of his friendship with Stephan Bonnar, his plans for Renan Barao to defend his bantamweight interim title soon, and the current Strikeforce situation as well.

Is Anderson Silva or Johny Hendricks next for GSP?

Last night GSP successfully defended his title for the first time in a while against Carlos Condit at UFC 154. Of course it wasn’t exactly an easy accomplishment for the champ since he accrued more damage in this fight than he has become accustomed to in his recent title defenses. “I found the fire back, I had a lot of fun,” said GSP at the post fight presser. “This time in the

UFC 154: Results, highlights and recap

Our staff at MMA Freak will be tweeting during the fights and leaving comments here as well. Read below for updates on all the action from tonight at UFC 154. Also, Anderson Silva will be at the fights and although he denies it, show up here first to find out if he ends up calling out GSP at the end of the night!! Follow our twats on twitter @mmafreakout Watch

UFC 154: Why does anyone believe Condit will win?

So far GSP has maintained his hold on the welterweight division since he returned from his knockout loss at the hands of Matt Serra back at UFC 69 in 2007. That’s it folks. That’s why people doubt him today, including myself at times to be honest. None of us can forget the fact that GSP has been adeptly dethroned in the past. People should give Carlos Condit a chance at beating GSP,

UFC 154: Dana White on Cowboys Stadium and Raven’s Ray Lewis in a Fight

UFC President Dana White made a brief appearance this week on ESPN’s Sportcenter promoting the upcoming UFC 154.  He touched on many of the latest topics concerning the next year of the sport.  From filling up stadiums, injuries in MMA, and even a dream bout concerning a couple of his favorite NFL players. When asked about Georges St Pierre’s return, Dana pointed out how important GSP is to the UFC.

UFC 154: Highlights and interviews with Johny Hendricks and Martin Kampmann

Both of these men are on impressive win streaks among a division that has been waiting a long time for the return of their champ in Georges “Rush” St Pierre. What’s impressive is that the top contenders in the welterweight division have had nothing better to do but battle it out amongst each other while the champ recovered from an injury. Now the champ is back and before we get

UFC 154 Preview: Witness the passing of the torch

UFC 154 takes place Nov. 17 at Montreal’s Bell Centre. The big event heading to Canada also brings with it the highly anticipated return of the welterweight champion George St-Pierre (16-2 UFC) as he is set to step back in the octagon after over a year absence and defend his title against interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit (5-1 UFC). Both guys train out of the same camp and have a

Extended Video Preview of UFC 154: GSP vs Condit

This fight has the feel of a superfight in my opinion. GSP has been out due to injury for the better part of the last two years. His opponent in Carlos Condit is being billed by the UFC as the champ’s greatest test in his career to date. This may be true and will be sorted out at UFC 154 on November 17th. Stop back at mma-freak.com to follow the