Anderson Silva (black trunks) vs. Stephan Bonnar

Anderson Silva has been the premier mixed martial arts champion for some time now. It’s almost difficult to appreciate any fighter in his division with the way they all inevitably wind up getting clowned by the champ.

What’s awe inspiring about this highlight reel is how it goes all the way back to Silva’s Pride days, displaying one epic battle after another. Well epic in a very one sided kind of way at least. There are even some moments I never saw before.

The greatest part of the video is when it cuts to Chael Sonnen running his mouth before their second bout. That’s why to this day I’ll always say, “I don’t hate Sonnen, I just hate his fans.” Because anyone who believed anything Sonnen said just doesn’t watch MMA fights consistently enough to know any better.

Watch the video below and prepare to be amazed by what The Spider can do, all over again.

Video courtesy of YouTube uploader PavelGaborik10