All of the major MMA media are reporting that Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor 2 will be signed as the main event for UFC 200. Deep breath. OK, here’s the deal — I really think Conor should defend the 145-lb. belt first. That woudl be the fair thing to do, but I get why the UFC is doing this. It’s what’s “best for business,” as Vinnie Mac is fond of saying. Nobody is hotter in the UFC right now than Conor and Nate, so why not have them fight again? It’s a PPV/gate bonanza. So, if they are going to fight, why not have it at 155 this time? Nate’s fought at that weight many times, Conor says he’d one day like to take the 155-lb. belt, and clearly, Conor was at a disadvantage at UFC 196 at 170. So why in the world would he agree to fight again at that weight? I just don’t get it. Somebody, please, enlighten me, I’m begging you.